My Mother is Getting Older

Obviously we are all getting older and that is a lot better than the alternative, which is when you stop getting older and they put you under the ground in a box. Of course I mean that my mother is starting to get old enough that you start to worry that she will not be able to take care of herself for much longer. Right now she is not really needing mobility aids, but I worry about that some times. Last week she caught some sort of illness, probably a stomach virus that one of her grandchildren brought home from the school or the kindergarten. At any rate it was rather scary how much it effected her, I would have taken her to the hospital except that is where you really find a lot of nasty illnesses. The viruses and bacteria go to hospital and turn into ever more dangerous things. For a time she was really shaky when she moved around and I was thinking that she might need a walker or a walking stick or something of that sort. At any rate I was mightily relieved when she got better, but at the end of the day she is 79 years old and has some issues.

At any rate I am really concerned that she may need some assistance going forward and it is not going to be easy to make her accept this fact. Maria and I tried to talk to her about moving in with us and Jack, the youngest of our children and still going to college. She would not hear a word of that, but it would really make a lot of sense. Of course for me I would not have to keep her house maintained and she could sell it to give her plenty of money.